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Condition Scale

Below are numerical ratings describing a jersey's condition along with pictures and descriptions of flaws that may warrant the corresponding numerical rating. Use this scale as a guide to determine what kind of condition you can expect our jerseys to be in based on their rating, but always be sure to examine the photos and read the description on any jersey you plan to buy.
10 Like new/no flaws or imperfections

1 or 2 very minor imperfections (see photo below of stitching imperfection).


Several minor imperfections or a single flaw. For example, I would rate the Ducks Corey Perry Ducks jersey below an 8/10 due to 3 imperfections including the white mark on the first "R", some bowing on the crest, and the bottom left point of the crest starting to peel. You could argue that none of these imperfections are noticeable at first glance, especially to the untrained eye. A single flaw such as a faint stain may warrant an 8/10 rating as well.


One significant or 2-3 minor flaws/imperfections. An example of a minor flaw would include minor pilling, bowing or fraying of numbers or crest, or faint staining. Below is a photo of significant bowing on a number kit. This significant of a flaw on it's own would warrant a 7/10 rating. Basically, a 7/10 condition rating indicates a jersey with either a single noticeable flow, or multiple flaws that you might not notice at first glance, but would be apparent when taking a closer look.


At least one significant flaw such as pilling throughout a jersey. Many snags or pulls (such as in the photo below). Significant wear on the crest such as fraying, bowing, and/or peeling. Small stains or discolorations such as puck marks. Several small tears or holes.


Several significant flaws such as significant pilling throughout the jersey as shown below, significant wear or fraying on the crest as shown on the Blackhawks jersey below, Several small holes or tears. Significant wear or fading on patches or numbers. Dark stains or significant discolorations.


Bad condition including flaws such as moderate holes or tears, significant pilling or snags throughout the jersey. Major, unfixable stains or discoloration. Jerseys in this condition will only be sold on Grail Snipes in very rare circumstances, mostly in the case of an extraordinarily rare jersey style.


2+ significant flaws/defects such as extreme pilling, dark stains or significant discoloration/color bleed, major holes or tears. Jerseys in this condition or worse will not be sold on Grail Snipes.

2 Sufficient flaws/defects that make the jersey un-salvageable such as dark stains or discoloration/color bleed. Extreme pilling/pulls/snags or several medium or large holes or tears. 
1 Something that has been doctored or worn to the point that it is un-wearable.